Bank Accounts

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Opening a bank account is one of the first and most crucial tasks that you will need to commence in order to establish a European or International company.


Valtan Invest OÜ can assist you in opening an European or International Corporate Bank Account for your company. Through our excellent working relationship with key contacts in some of the world’s financial organizations, we believe that Valtan Invest OÜ offers the best combination of service, pricing and quality, with no hidden costs. we can ensure the process is streamlined and that your bank account is opened in the swiftest possible time frame.


Bank accounts opening procedure includes:


  • Verifying personal & corporate documentation.

  • Completion of the bank forms which will be forwarded to you for signing with relevant instructions.

  • Sending the full package to the bank for final approval.

  • Monitoring the account opening process until account allocation and banking package is received.

To find out more about how Valtan Invest OÜ  can help you solve your European or International banking requirements please contact us.

Accounting Services

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​Valtan Invest OÜ provides a wide range of accountancy services in each of the countries in which we operate in Europe / Worldwide.

Accounting services include:


  • Maintaining current accounting

  • Sorting, ordering of past periods

  • Systematization and adjustment of accounting

  • Preparation of internal accounting procedures

  • Processing and verification of compliance of the primary document with current requirements

  • Preparation of primary documents (sales invoices)

  • Billing sales and receipts

  • Billing of purchases and payments

  • Compilation of reports on business trips, reports of the accountable person

  • Withdrawal of new funds to the account, withdrawal from the account, calculation of depreciation, maintaining the warehouse

  • Preparation of declarations and submission to the tax department

  • Compilation of statistical reports and submission to the statistics department

  • Reporting (balance sheet, profit report)

  • Preparation of the annual report

  • Bookkeeping.

Beside that and in case you need the services of a local accountant in your location, whether you just have a basic service, or the full package,  Valtan Invest OÜ will be able to support you.


 Please contact us for further information.

Corporate & Digital Identity

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Your corporate & digital identity is extremely important, we can assist in all your identity creation, logos, stationery, corporate image, advertising & design, your corporate & digital identity is an important part of your path to success.


Valtan Invest OÜ is working with some of the most professional design agencies in Europe and USA along with some of the best web design and SEO companies.


If you need a web / graphic designer or SEO expert, we will be happy to support, please contact us.

Project  Development

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Drawing up business plans, drafting for European funds and Estonian EAS.​

  • Budgeting and integration of individual project budgets in the overall financial plan of the enterprise.

  • Economic calculation of business ideas, budgeting and forward-looking reports.

  • Analysis of the idea and its refinement and improvement.

Business Analysis 

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  • Marketing Planning.

  • Cash flow analysis and budget.

  • Analysis of creativity (creative strategy) in advertising.

  • Analysis of media strategy, calculation of advertising effectiveness.

  • Budget Marketing, Marketing Audit.

  • The financial analysis.

Marketing & Advertising

Business Meeting

Valtan Invest OÜ is working with some of the most professional design agencies in Europe and in the USA. We also work with some of the best printing press companies around. Our services include


  • Production of marketing materials.

  • Design and prepress.

  • Printing.

  • Advertisement design concept and text creation.

  • Marketing campaign planning and execution.

SMM "Social Media Marketing" 

Social Media Marketing is no longer a luxury .. it is a must !



  • We produce  your content that users will share with their social network.

  • We help increase your brand exposure and broaden customer reach.

  • We draw new and unique visitors to your website.

  • We help your company get direct feedback from customers and potential customers through Social CRM ”Customer Relationship Management”.

Organization of Business Events

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  • Provision of venues necessary for lectures, seminars, training, courses, informational meetings.

  • Organization of business meetings end to end.

Trademark Registration


Valtan Invest OÜ can assist you with registering your trademark in Europe. Protect your brand, logo by registering a European trademark according to the law governed by domestic law in the 28 countries which make up Europe.

It takes approximately 7 months, counted from the application date to obtain a European Union trademark registration. A European Union trademark registration is valid for 10 years.



Valtan Invest OÜ can assist with all written translation of technical, legal, marketing and financial text.

  •  Language direction:

    • Estonian-English-Estonian.

    • Estonian-Russian-Estonian.

    • English-Russian- English.

    • English-Latvian-English.

    • English-Lithuanian-English.

    • Finnish-Russian-Finnish.

    • Finnish-Estonian-Finnish.

    • Arabic- English- Arabic.

  • Editing

  • Proofreading